Here at the Collaborative, we’re always talking about the importance of community participation and strategies to connect and participate in meaningful ways! We never imagined the current situation! But here we are. Right now, we are all engaging in a collective activity to improve our communities. By physically distancing ourselves from other people and communal locations, we are all helping to keep our neighbors, our friends, our coworkers, and our loved ones safe and healthy. We are also supporting the health professionals and those who may need critical health support.
Even though we are all at a physical distance, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to engage in your community! During this time of physical distancing, we will be sharing strategies to connect with your community and with others. We will do our best to share strategies that use technology and those that are low or no-tech. We hope that these will be helpful for you personally, for those of you who may still be supporting individuals in residential facilities, and for those of you who may be supporting individuals through telehealth.
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Resources for Remote Community ParticipationWe’ve been compiling resources from around the world to help you participate in your community while practicing social distancing, and have gathered them all into this master list! See below for in-depth descriptions of just a few of our favorite opportunities.




Enjoy an virtual theater performance!


Are you missing going to cultural and artistic events? Check out the Instagram account Theatre without Theater ( @theatrewithouttheater ) to view live-streamed theatrical performances and already-performed theatrical productions. Not only does the account allow you to continue to be involved in artistic pursuits in your leisure time, but followers can also connect with others in real time through the comments, giving you an opportunity to connect with others over something you love! Tune in at 7:30 Pm EST to live stream a theater performance!



Discover an Massive Online Open Course

massive online open courses

Want to spend some leisure time learning something new? Why not take a Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC? Many MOOCs are free to take and allow you to learn about anything from dinosaurs to coding languages, all from the comfort of your own home. MOOCs also give you opportunities to connect with others, as many include forums where you can talk with other students.



Learn about Astronomy!

space resources

Want to learn about worlds beyond our own? NASA has online resources for all topics astronomy-related! You can watch recordings from the Curiosity rover on Mars, watch virtual field trips through their YouTube channel, or use NASA Space Place for hands-on learning materials like games, activities, and articles.




Play a board game!

Board games

If you’re looking for a way to connect and have fun with others during your leisure time, why not try out a board or card game? Board and card games can be fun for the whole family or group of friends and can lead to hours of enjoyment and friendly competition. If you don’t have any board games, live alone, or want to play a game with friends far away, try using a free online board game service like Board Game Arena or Tabletopia!



Join a community of readers

Looking to get back into reading now that you’re spending more time at home? Check out your local library’s online options! While many libraries have their locations closed right now, most are continuing to offer ebooks through Libby and Overdrive. Check out your local library’s website today to see what books they have on offer! And once you’ve found a book, check out Goodreads, a free platform where you can keep track of the books you read and discuss them with others!



Learn a New Language with Duolingo!

Looking to learn a new skill while physical distancing? Why not try learning a new language! Duolingo is a website and mobile application that offers free courses for over 30 different languages. You can connect with others in the Duolingo forums to practice and discuss your languages, or try out your language skills with friends or family!




Free Online Workouts with YMCA 360

Looking for a way to keep yourself or your family healthy and active? The YMCA is currently offering over 60 free, on-demand health and fitness videos on their website. With videos for everyone from youths to older adults, you’re sure to find something that helps you and those you love stay healthy and engaged!




Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems 

Looking for a way to connect with your family and others in a fun and creative way? Mo Willems, artist of the beloved children’s book “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus,” is hosting “Lunch Doodles” every day at 1:00 PM EST so that artists of all ages can come together and draw. Lunch Doodles gives people a place to connect, see others’ drawings, and ask questions! The activity is directed towards kids and is an excellent way to have fun with your family and engage with others.



Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts and Culture is a great way to discover works of art and natural wonders virtually, and is a great way to engage your family in much of the beauty our world has to offer.





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